Vacancies course 2017-18

Dear families:

The deadline for submission of applications ranges from 19 April to 5 may 2017, both dates inclusive.

For exceptional reasons in this course, it has not been possible to publish vacancies for ESO and Bachillerato (except for that first).

For this reason and to the uncertainties of, if finally will leave vacancies and the number of them, I recommend to all interested families, that square in the IES Cardenal Herrera Oria in first choice requested and also disclosed other institutes in order of preference. They must submit the request at the Secretariat of the Centre in first choice.

Is also for this reason that not going to celebrate a day of doors open.

However remain at your disposal to inform you personally of anything they are interested.
José Ruiz Villa
Director of the IES Cardenal Herrera Oria

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