This is the website of the Association of parents of the I.E.S. Cardenal Herrera Oria, who was born with the goal of being useful to all members of the educational community in addition to reporting the activities carried out by this Institute A.M.P.A. We want to make it a meeting point, a place where anyone who wants to contribute their comments and opinions.

The AMPA not is an organ of address, but acts as mechanism of transmission of our concerns as parents and mothers towards the direction of the Institute. For this reason, we understand that belong to the AMPA, participating in it, results in a better operation of the Centre and in the formation of our / as sons and daughters.

Objectives of the Association

1. Keep a collaboration with the management team of the Institute and their teachers.

2 – Participate actively in the activities of the Institute.

3 – Pay attention to the services of the Institute provide quality.

4 – Proposing activities for our kids and for the parents, budget permitting.

5 – Supporting parents and mothers in their relations with the Institute, mediating in discrepancies that may arise.

6 – Attend parents and mothers in all concerns or complaints that they may have on any issue.

All the fathers and mothers of students can belong to this Association and join us in the activities of the Institute organized by the management team of our AMPA.

Areas of work

-Work with the management team and teachers cloister of the IES to an improvement of the quality of education and better coexistence between whole school community

-Extracurricular activities

-School families

-Organization of workshops on various topics of great utility for students, parents and teachers

-Assist in the opening of the library in the afternoon

-English language study trips during the summer

– Support for the project “students assistants” Center

-Forum of communication through the website and the blog

-participation in the Coordinating Committee for the public of the District of Fuencarral – El Pardo in defense of all public services in the district

-Participate in contests of off-site learning experiences, convened by CEAPA and other public institutions or private

-Participate in the Territorial Council of the Municipal Board of Fuencarral – El Pardo

– Management of the desk of the classroom. The students / as that want to rent a for the course school must request it in the Secretariat of the AMPA to the home of course. The rental of the same is of 20 € annual for them partners and of 45 € for them not partners. In both cases, €15, which are refundable deposit will be returned at the end of the course.


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